Key facts:

  • Founded in 2008 by Annina Pfennig (see full bio below).
  • Our core members offer more than 30 years of localization experience.
  • Over the years, we have translated more than 2 million words for selected agencies as well as direct clients.
  • All together, we have spent an additional 6,000+ hours on quality assurance tasks!

Our team is your team

An efficient teamwork approach means we are able to collaborate on all types of demanding projects including apps and software, travel and tourism, and new media.

Our signature multi-step translation process ensures the smoothest, most efficient workflow with the least room for error. The goal? To deliver a natural sounding German version of your content, created by the perfect people for the job.

Our clients

Our clients range from global players to promising start-ups. We are sought after because of our reliability, detail-oriented approach, and discretion. Surveys, websites, apps, handbooks, games – you name it, we’ve translated it. And we always look forward to new challenges.

Are you looking for a German language professional to collaborate on your projects?

Are you looking for a German language professional to collaborate on your projects?


Annina Pfennig, Founder & Team Leader

You’ll find her at LinguaWays.

Annina Pfennig launched her career as an independent translator in 2008. She is certified by the courts of Berlin. Her previous experience includes positions both in Germany and abroad. She gained in-depth knowledge of quality assurance, large-scale project management, and professional localization as a language lead at a global translation company in Boston, Massachusetts, and as a project coordinator and translator at a translation agency in Berlin, Germany. Annina obtained her Master of Arts in Translation with highest honors from Kent State University, Ohio, USA. She worked towards her graduate-level studies (Diplom) at the internationally renowned translation program in Germersheim, Germany. Annina is a member of the professional associations ATA, BDÜ, and DVÜD, and she regularly participates in continuing education opportunities.

What’s in a name?

LinguaWays embodies different approaches to language. As our logo suggests, there are many different ways of reaching a language goal, whether it involves creating or receiving a flawless translation or mastering a new language. There is no right or wrong way, as long as the final product achieves its objective. The name also stems from Annina’s diverse passion for languages, which started with her first extended stay in the United States at the age of 16 and has remained with her ever since.

Different ways of life, different ways of thinking – different ways of approaching languages. Let LinguaWays help you find yours.