What we offer

High standard, high-quality English to German translation services

Translation / Localization

We translate your materials into our native German and localize it to meet the standards of the German market. We favor a multi-step translation process where every translation will be edited by a second person and the correct entry of all edits double-checked to ensure highest quality. The advantage: In the end, you will have at least two people who will know your product almost as well as you do and convey your message accordingly. You also know that multiple native speakers already agree on the content and better availability is guaranteed with urgent requests.

Quality Assurance

We can also help with previously translated or German source text that requires proofreading. Please contact us for more details on our hourly proofing step that ensures excellent, consistent quality in terms of spelling, grammar, usage, style, and general meaning.

Linguistic Testing

Your translation is completed and uploaded to your website or app; the layout of your document and presentation is final. Let us have a final look in context to make sure there are no truncations or glitches. After all, German can run about 30 percent longer than English. We are experts in trimming content – we make “lean” and “Deutsch” go hand in hand.

Style Guide Creation

You chose a particular tone and style for your product and established your company language for good reason. Of course you want this to be reflected in your localized content. German is a very complex language, yet one that also offers a lot of flexibility. We can develop a style guide that lays out your rules. Especially when working with various different German teams, you will want to ensure consistency throughout.






New media

What we need from you:

As much information as possible! Please send us files in an editable format, preferably .docx, .rtf, .html, .pptx, .xlsx, and a link or a copy of your text in its final layout or environment. Do you already have a German style guide, established terminology, or German translations that you are happy with? Please send them along as references.

Annina’s Promise

“I will know your projects almost as well as you do and make them my own. They are what connects you with my team and what helps us forge a solid, long-term partnership. I am deeply committed to your business and your success. This means staying at the forefront of my field to bring you the best of both worlds: translation and industry.”